LN5R12C Datasheet PDF – Current-Mode PWM Controller IC

Part Number: LN5R12C

Function: AC / DC Switching Power Supply Controller IC

Package: DIP 8 Pin

Manufacturer: Lii Semiconductor ( http://www.liisemi.com/ )

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The LN5R12C is a high-performance, current-mode PWM Controller. Built-in high-voltage power switch, at 85-265V Of the wide grid voltage range of up to 12W Continued output power. Cost-effective production of bipolar workers Art production of the control chip, combined with high-voltage power tube Integrated package to maximize the savings of the entire product Body cost.

The power controller can operate in a typical Flyback circuit topology, constitute a simple AC / DC power supply converter. IC internal high-voltage start-up current source only VIN resistor with a weak current trigger to complete System startup, to a large extent reduce the VIN resistor power consumption; and in the output power is small IC will To reduce the operating frequency, in order to achieve a very low wait Machine power consumption; patented drive circuit so that the switch is always Work in the critical saturation state, improve the system work For efficiency, so that the system can easily meet the “energy of the Star “on the standby power consumption and efficiency certification requirements.





1. Built-in 750V high-voltage power switch

2. Built-in high-voltage start-up current source for quick start

3. Built-in energy-efficient processing control Standby less than 0.15W

4. Built-in overvoltage, undervoltage and short circuit protection

5. Built-in overload and over-temperature protection

6. Precise temperature compensation, accurate cycle-by-cycle current control

7. Low starting current and low operating current

8. Adaptive frequency rotation design EMI interference is small

9. High conversion efficiency meets ENERGY STAR 2.0 requirements

10. Wide output power 12W, peak output 15W

11. High-voltage output power 15W, peak output 18W

12. less external components, the whole low cost

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LN5R12C Datasheet PDF

LN5R12C pdf