LPC47M112 Datasheet PDF – Enhanced Super I/O Controller

Part Number: LPC47M112

Function: Enhanced Super I/O Controller with LPC Interface / Dual Game Port Interface

Package: QFP 100 Pin Type

Manufacturer: SMSC -> Microchip


LPC47M112 datasheet



The LPC47M112 is a 3.3V (5V tolerant) PC98 / PC99 compliant Super I/O controller. The IC implemnets the LPC interface, a pin reduced ISA bus interface which provides the same or better performance as the ISA/X-bus with a substantial savings in pins used.

The device provides fan control through two fan speed control output pins and two fan tachometer input pins. It also provides 37 general purpose input / output ( GPIO ) pins, a dual game port interface and MPU-401 MIDI support.


1. PC98, PC99 Compliant

2. Dual Game Port Interface

3. MPU-401 MIDI Support

4. General Purpose Input/Output Pins

5. ISA Plug-and-Play Compatible Register Set

6. Intelligent Auto Power Management

7. System Management Interrupt


LPC47M112 Datasheet PDF Download

LPC47M112 pdf

Other data sheets are available within the file: LPC47M-112, LPC47M112MC, LPC47M112MW