LQW31HXXXXX Datasheet PDF – Chip Inductor (Chip Coil)

Part Number: LQW31HXXXXX

Function: Chip Inductor (Chip Coil) for High Frequency Vertical Wire Wound

Manufacturer: Murata Manufacturing

Image and Pinouts:

LQW31HXXXXX datasheet



LQW31H series is alumina-core-type chip inductor for high frequency circuit. Its low dc resistance and high Q due to wound structure are suitable for hand telecommunication equipment.


1. Inductance range from 8.8 to 100nH.

2. Because of the high self resonant frequency, it can be used in high frequency range.

3. Tight inductance tolerance (+-5%)

4. LQW31H_03: Does not contain lead.


LQW31H Series (1206 Size)
Code Packaging Minimum Quantity
L 180mm Embossed Tape 2000
K 330mm Embossed Tape 7500


LQW31HXXXXX Datasheet PDF Download


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