LR8 Datasheet PDF – Adjustable Linear Regulator

Part Number: LR8

Function: High Input Voltage, Adjustable 3-Terminal Linear Regulator

Package: TO-92, TO-252, SOT-89 Type

Manufacturer: Supertex Inc

Image and Pinouts:

LR8 datasheet



The Supertex LR8 is a high voltage, low output current, adjustable linear regulator. It has a wide operating input voltage range of 13.2- 450V. The output voltage can be adjusted from 1.20- 440V provided that the input voltage is at least 12V greater than the output voltage.

The output voltage can be adjusted by means of two external resistors R1 and R2 as shown in the typical application circuits. The LR8 regulates the voltage difference between VOUT and ADJ pins to a nominal value of 1.20V. The 1.20V is amplified by the external resistor ratio R1 and R2. An internal constant bias current of typically 10µA is connected to the ADJ pin. This increases V OUT by a constant voltage of 10µA times R2.


1. 12V to 450V input voltage range
2. Adjustable 1.20V to 440V output regulation
3. 5% output voltage tolerance
4. Output current limiting
5. 10μA typical ADJ current
6. Internal junction temperature limiting


1. Off-line SMPS startup circuits
2. Adjustable high voltage constant current source
3. Industrial Controls
4. Motor controls
5. Battery chargers


LR8 Datasheet PDF Download

LR8 pdf

Other data sheets are available within the file: LR8K4, LR8K4-G, LR8N3-G, LR8N8