LT1011CH Datasheet PDF – Voltage Comparator

Part Number: LT1011CH

Function: Voltage Comparator

Package: 8-Lead TO-5 Metal Can Type

Manufacturer: Linear Technology, Analog Devices


LT1011CH datasheet



The LT1011CH is a general purpose comparator with significantly better input characteristics than the LM111. Although pin compatible with the LM111, it offers four times lower bias current, six times lower offset voltage and five times higher voltage gain. Offset voltage drift, a previously unspecified parameter, is guaranteed at 15μV/°C. Additionally, the supply current is lower by a factor of two with no loss in speed.



1. Pi.Compatible with LM111 Series Devices
2. GuaranteedMax 0.5mV Input Offset Voltage
3. GuaranteedMax 25nA Input Bias Current
4. GuaranteedMax 3nA Input Offset Current
5. GuaranteedMax 250ns Response Time
6. GuaranteedMi.200,000 Voltage Gain
7. 50mA Output Current Source or Sink
8. ±30V Differential Input Voltage
9. Fully Specified for Single 5V Operation


1. SAR A/D Converters

2. Voltage-to-Frequency Converters

3. Precisio.RC Oscillator

4. Peak Detector

5. Motor Speed Control


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LT1011CH pdf

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