LTA804N Datasheet – HV start-up DCM/QR flyback controller

Part Number: LTA804N

Package: SOP 16 Pin Type

Manufacturer: NXP, Philips


LTA804N image

LTA804N is Equivalent to TEA1751LT.

The TEA1751LT is the third generation of green Switched Mode Power Supply (SMPS)
controller ICs. The TEA1751LT combines a controller for Power Factor Correction (PFC)
and a flyback controller. Its high level of integration allows the design of a cost-effective
power supply with a very low number of external components.

The special built-in green functions provide high efficiency at all power levels. This
efficiency applies to quasi-resonant operation at high-power levels, quasi-resonant
operation with valley skipping, as well as reduced frequency operation at lower power
levels. At low-power levels, the PFC switches off to maintain high efficiency.
During low-power conditions, the flyback controller switches to frequency reduction mode
and limits the peak current to 25 % of its maximum value. This mode ensures high
efficiency at low-power and good standby power performance while minimizing audible
noise from the transformer.

The TEA1751LT is a Multi-Chip Module, (MCM), containing two chips. The proprietary
high-voltage BCD800 process which makes direct start-up possible from the rectified
universal mains voltage in an effective and green way. The second low voltage
Silicon On Insulator (SOI) is used for accurate, high speed protection functions and

The TEA1751LT enables the design of highly efficient and reliable supplies with power
requirements of up to 250 W using the minimum number of external components.

LTA804N Datasheet

LTA804N Datasheet

Datasheet Download : [ TEA1751.PDF ]