LTC1859 Datasheet PDF – 8-Ch, 16-Bit, A/D Converter

Part Number: LTC1859

Function: 8-Channel, 16-Bit, 100ksps SoftSpan A/D Converter

Package: 28-Pin SSOP Type

Manufacturer: Linear Technology


LTC1859 ad converter


The device 8-channel, low power, 16-bit, 100ksps, analog-to-digital converters(ADCs).

The 8-channel multiplexer can be programmed for single-ended inputs or pairs of differential inputs or combinations of both. In addition, all channels are fault protected to ±25V. A fault condition on any channel will not affect the conversion result of the selected channel.



LTC1859 pinout datasheet



1. Sample Rate: 100ksps
2. 8-Channel Multiplexer
3. Single 5V Supply
4. Power Shutdown: Nap and Sleep



1. Industrial Process Control
2. Multiplexed Data Acquisition Systems
3. High Speed Data Acquisition for PCs
4. Digital Signal Processing


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LTC1859 Datasheet


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