LXMG1643-12-61 Datasheet – 12V, 6W CCFL Inverter Module

Part Number: LXMG1643-12-61

Function: 12V Quad 6W CCFL Programmable Inverter Module

Manufacturer: Microsemi Corporation


LXMG1643-12-61 datasheet



The LXMG1643-12-61 is a Quad 6W Output Direct Drive CCFL (Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamp) Inverter Module specifically designed for driving LCD backlight lamps. It is ideal for driving typical 12.1” to 18.1” TFT panels.

LXMG1643 modules provides the designer with a vastly superior display brightness range then typical with analog (amplitude control) dimming. The inverter includes a dimming input that permits brightness control from either a DC voltage source or a PWM signal or external Potentiometer.

The maximum output current is externally programmable over a range of 10 to 16mA (per lamp pair) in 2mA steps to allow the inverter to properly match to a wide array of LCD
panel lamp current specifications.

RangeMAX Digital Dimming Technique provides flicker-free brightness control in any wide range typically (50:1+) dimming application. The resultant “burst drive” that energizes the lamp was designed specifically to ensure that no premature lamp degradation occurs, while allowing
significant power savings at lower dim levels.

The inverter is intended for panel assemblies where lamp pairs share close proximity with one another. The LXMG1643-12 inverter should be considered for panel applications with individual lamp connections or where lamps are spaced well apart from each other. Other benefits of this new topology are stable fixed-frequency operation,
secondary-side strike-voltage regulation and both open/shorted lamp protection
with fault timeout.


1. Externally Programmable Maximum Output Current

2. Easy to Use Brightness Control

3. RangeMAX Wide Range Dimming

4. Output Short-Circuit Protection and Automatic Strike-Voltage Regulation and Timeout

5. Fixed Frequency Operation


1. High Brightness Displays

2. Desktop Displays

3. Industrial Display Controls


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