M51209P Datasheet PDF – Quad Comparator – Mitsubishi

Part Number: M51209P

Function: Quad Comparator

Package: DIP 14 Pin Type


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M51209P datasheet


The M51209P is a quad (four independent) comparator and operates over a wide voltage range from a single supply voltage. Especially the M51209P has superiority as to characteristics of input current ( input resistance ) and fits to wide ranged application, for example CR Timer, oscillator, etc.


1. Low input current ( high input resistance ) : 20 nA(typ.)

2. Wide supply voltage range : 2.5 V ~ 28 V

3. Low dissipation current : 6.8 mA(typ.)

4. Capable of driving a relay or a lamp directly : 200 mA(max.)

5. Includes voltage surge absorbing zener diodes

6. High output breakdown voltage : 30 V(max.)

7. Low output voltage(Isink=60mA) : 0.2 V(typ.)

8. Low input offset voltage : 2 mV(typ.)




1. Voltage comparator, sequential timer, pulse generator

2. Analog / digital converter, time delay circuit

Other data sheets are available within the file: M51209, M51209-P

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