MAX15118 Datasheet PDF – 18A, Step-Down Regulator

Part Number: MAX15118

Function: High-Efficiency, 18A, Current-Mode Synchronous Step-Down Regulator

Package: Tiny 2.10mm x 3.56mm, 28-Bump WLP Type

Manufacturer: Maxim Integrated


MAX15118 datasheet



The MAX15118 high-efficiency, current-mode step-down regulator with integrated power switches operates from 2.7V to 5.5V and delivers up to 18A of output current in
a small 2mm x 3.5mm package. The MAX15118 offers excellent efficiency with skip mode capability at light load conditions, yet provides unmatched efficiency under heavy load conditions. The combination of small size and high efficiency makes this device suitable for
both portable and nonportable applications.


1. Continuous 18A Output Current
2. ±1% Feedback Accuracy Over Load, Line, and Temperature
3. Operates from 2.7V to 5.5V Supply
4. Input Undervoltage Lockout
5. Adjustable Output Range from 0.6V Up to 0.94 x VIN
6. Programmable Soft-Start
7. Factory-Trimmed 1MHz Switching Frequency
8. Stable with Low-ESR Ceramic Output Capacitors
9. Safe-Startup into a Prebiased Output
10. External Reference Input
11. Selectable Skip Mode Option for Improved Efficiency at Light Loads
12. Enable Input/PGOOD Output Allows Sequencing
13. Remote Ground Sense for Improved Accuracy
14. Thermal and Overcurrent Protection


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MAX15118 pdf

Other data sheets are available within the file: MAX-15118, MAX15118EWI+