MAX1748 Datasheet – DC-DC Converter – Maxim

Part Number: MAX1748

Function: Triple-Output TFT LCD DC-DC Converter

Package: TSSOP 16 Pin Type

Manufacturer: Maxim Integrated


MAX1748 datasheet



The MAX1748, MAX8726 triple-output DC-DC converters in a low-profile TSSOP package provide the regulated voltages required by active-matrix, thin-film transistor (TFT) liquid-crystal displays (LCDs). One high-power DC-DC converter and two low-power charge pumps convert the +3.3V to +5V input supply voltage into three independent output voltages. The primary 1MHz DC-DC converter generates a boost ed output voltage (VMAIN) up to 13V using ultra-small inductors and ceramic capacitors.

The low-power BiCMOS control circuitry and the low on-resistance (0.35Ω) of the integrated power MOSFET allows efficiency up to 93%.The dual charge pumps independently regulate one positive output (VPOS) and one negative output (VNEG). These low-power outputs use external diode and capacitor stages (as many stages as required) to regulate output voltages up to +40V and down to -40V. A proprietary regulation algorithm minimizes output ripple, as well as capacitor sizes for both charge pumps.


1. Three Integrated DC-DC Converters

2. 1MHz Current-Mode PWM Boost Regulator

(1) Up to +13V Main High-Power Output ±1% Accuracy
(2) High Efficiency (93%)

3. Dual Charge-Pump Outputs

(1) Up to +40V Positive Charge-Pump Output
(2) Down to -40V Negative Charge-Pump Output

4. Internal Supply Sequencing

5. Internal Power MOSFETs

6. +2.7V to +5.5V Input Supply

7. 0.1µA Shutdown Current

8. 0.6mA Quiescent Current

9. Internal Soft-Start

10. Power-Ready Output

11. Ultra-Small External Components

Other data sheets are available within the file: MAX1748EUE, MAX8726,



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