MAX186CEWP Datasheet PDF – 8-Ch, Serial 12-Bit ADC

Part Number: MAX186CEWP

Function: Low-power, 8-channel, serial 12-bit ADC

Package: SO, DIP 20 Pin Type

Manufacturer: Maxim Integrated


MAX186CEWP datasheet



The MAX186CEWP, MAX186, MAX188 are 12-bit data-acquisition systems that combine an 8-channel multiplexer, high bandwidth track/hold, and serial interface together with high conversion speed and ultra-low power consump tion. The devices operate with a single +5V supply or dual ±5V supplies. The analog inputs are software configurable for unipolar/bipolar and single-ended/differen tial operation.

The 4-wire serial interface directly connects to SPI, QSPI and MICROWIRE®devices without external logic. A serial strobe output allows direct connection to TMS320 family digital signal processors. The MAX186/MAX188 use either the internal clock or an external serial-interface clock to perform successive approximation A/D conversions. The serial interface can operate beyond 4MHz when the internal clock is used.


1. 8-Channel Single-Ended or 4-Channel Differential Inputs

2. Single +5V or ±5V Operation

3. Low Power: 1.5mA (Operating Mode), 2μA (Power-Down Mode)

4. Internal Track/Hold, 133kHz Sampling Rate

5. Internal 4.096V Reference (MAX186)


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MAX186CEWP pdf

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