MAX19713 Datasheet – 45Msps, Full-Duplex Analog Front-End

Part Number: MAX19713

Function: 10-Bit, 45Msps, Full-Duplex Analog Front-End

Package: Miniature 56-Pin Thin QFN Type (7mm x 7mm x 0.8mm)

Manufacturer: Maxim Integrated


MAX19713 datasheet



The MAX19713 is an ultra-low-power, highly integrated mixed-signal analog front-end (AFE) ideal for wideband communication applications operating in full-duplex (FD)mode. Optimized for high dynamic performance and ultra-low power, the device integrates a dual 10-bit, 45Msps receive (Rx) ADC; dual 10-bit, 45Msps transmit(Tx) DAC; three fast-settling 12-bit aux-DAC channels for ancillary RF front-end control; and a 10-bit, 333ksps
housekeeping aux-ADC. The typical operating power in FD mode is 91.8mW at a 45MHz clock frequency. The Rx ADCs feature 54dB SINAD and 72.2dBc SFDR at 5.5MHz input frequency with a 45MHz clock frequency. The analog I/Q input amplifiers are fully differential and accept 1.024VP-Pfull-scale signals. Typical I/Q channel matching is ±0.03 phase and ±0.02dB gain.


1. Dual 10-Bit, 45Msps Rx ADC and Dual 10-Bit, 45Msps Tx DAC

2. Ultra-Low Power – Low-Current Standby and Shutdown Modes

3. Programmable Tx DAC Common-Mode DC Level and I/Q Offset Trim

4. Excellent Dynamic Performance

5. Three 12-Bit, 1µs Aux-DACs

6. 10-Bit, 333ksps Aux-ADC with 4:1 Input Mux and Data Averaging

7. Multiplexed Parallel Digital I/O

8. Serial-Interface Control

Other data sheets are available within the file: MAX19713ETN, MAX19713ETN+

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