MAX2904ETI Datasheet PDF – 200mW, Single-Chip Transmitter

Part Number: MAX2904ETI

Function: 200mW Single-Chip Transmitter ICs for 868MHz/915MHz ISM Bands

Package: QFN 28 Pin Type

Manufacturer: Maxim Integrated


MAX2904ETI datasheet



The MAX2900, MAX2904 complete single-chip 200mW transmitters are designed for use in the 868MHz/915MHz frequency bands. The MAX2900, MAX2901, MAX2902 are compliant with the FCC CFR47 part 15.247 902MHz to 928MHz ISM-band specifications. MAX2903, MAX2904 are compliant with the ETSI EN330-220 specification for the European 868MHz ISM band.


1. Versions for U.S. 902MHz to 928MHz Band and European 868MHz Band

2. -7dBm to +23dBm Adjustable Differential RF Output Power

3. +23dBm Output Power at 4.5V, +20dBm Output Power at 3.0V

4. Support BPSK, OOK, ASK, and FM Modulations

5. Modulation Filter for Direct Sequence BPSK up to 8Mchips/s

6. Fully Integrated VCO with On-Chip Tank

7. Extremely Low Frequency Pulling for OOK Modulation (typ 60kHz peak, 5kHz RMS)

8. Integrated Frequency Synthesizer for up to 8 Channels (MAX2900)

9. +2.7V to +4.5V Supply Operation



MAX2904ETI Datasheet PDF Download

MAX2904ETI pdf

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