MAX954 Datasheet PDF – Op Amp + Comparator + Reference

Part Number: MAX954

Function: Ultra-Low-Power, Single-Supply Op Amp + Comparator + Reference

Pacagke : SOP 8 Pin Type

Manufacturer: Maxim Integrated, ( )


MAX954 datasheet



The MAX951, MAX954 feature combinations of a micropower operational amplifier, comparator, and reference in an 8-pin package. In the MAX951 and MAX952, the comparator’s inverting input is connected to an internal 1.2V ±2% bandgap reference.

The MAX953 and MAX954 are offered without an internal reference. The MAX951, MAX952 operate from a single 2.7V to 7V supply with a typical supply current of 7µA, while the MAX953, MAX954 operate from 2.4V to 7V with a 5µA typical supply current. Both the op amp and comparator feature a common-mode input voltage range that extends from the negative supply rail to with in 1.6V of the positive rail, as well as output stages that swing Rail-to-Rail.



1. 7μA Typical Supply Current (Op Amp + Comparator + Reference)

2. Comparator and Op Amp Input Range Includes Ground

3. Outputs Swing Rail to Rail

4. 2.4V to 7V Supply Voltage Range

5. Internal Comparator Hysteresis

6. Op Amp Capable of Driving up to 1000pF Load


1. Instruments, Terminals, and Bar-Code Readers
2. Battery-Powered Systems
3. Low-Frequency, Local-Area Alarms/Detectors
4. Infrared Receivers for Remote Controls

5. Smoke Detectors and Safety Sensors



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