MB1502 PDF Datasheet – Serial Input PLL Synthesizer

A Serial Input PLL (Phase-Locked Loop) Synthesizer is an electronic circuit or device that generates an output signal with a specific frequency and phase relationship to an input reference signal. These synthesizers are commonly used in various communication systems, including wireless communication, RF (Radio Frequency) devices, and signal processing applications. The “serial input” aspect indicates that these synthesizers can be programmed or controlled via a serial data interface.

Part Number: MB1502

Function: Serial Input PLL Synthesizer

Package: DIP 16, SOP 16 Pin Type

Manufacturer: Fujitsu

Images:MB1502 pdf pinout


The Fujitsu MB1502, utilizing BI-CMOS technology, is a single chip serial input PLL synthesizer with pulse-swallow function.

The MB1502 contains a 1.1GHz two modulus prescaler that can select of either 64/65 or 128/129 divide ratio, control signal generator, 16-bit shift register, 15-bit latch, programmable reference divider (binary 14-bit programmable reference counter), 1-bit switch counter, phase comparator with phase conversion function, charge pump, crystal oscillator, 19-bit shift register, 18-bit latch, programmable divider (binary 7-bit swallow counter and binary 11-bit programmable counter) and analog switch to speed up lock up time. […]

Block Diagram:

MB1502 datasheet


• High operating frequency: fIN MAX=1.1GHz (VIN MIN=10dBm)

• Pulse swallow function: 64/65 or 128/129

• Low supply current: ICC=8mA typ.

• Serial input 18-bit programmable divider consisting of:
(1) Binary 7-bit swallow counter: 0 to 127
(2) Binary 11-bit programmable counter: 16 to 2047

• Serial input 15-bit programmable reference divider consisting of:
(1) Binary 14-bit programmable reference counter: 8 to 16383
(2) 1-bit switch counter (SW) sets divide ratio of prescaler

MB1502 PDF Datasheet