MB39A108 Datasheet PDF – 5-Channel DC/DC Converter IC

Part Number: MB39A108

Function: 5-Channel DC / DC Converter IC with Synchronous Rectification

Package: TSSOP 38 Pin Type

Manufacturer: Fujitsu


DC Converter


MB39A108 datasheet



The MB39A108 is 5-channel DC/DC converter IC using pulse width modulation (PWM), and is suitable for up conversion, down conversion, and up/down conversion. Each channel can be controlled with soft-start.
The MB39A108 is suitable for power supply of high performance portable instruments such as DSC.


1. Supports for down-conversion with synchronous rectification (CH1)
2. Supports for down-conversion and up/down Zeta conversion (CH2, CH3)
3. Supports for up-conversion and up/down Sepic conversion (CH4, CH5)
4. Low voltage start-up (CH4, CH5) : 1.7 V
5. Power supply voltage range : 2.5 V to 11 V


1. Digital still camera (DSC)
2. Digital video camera (DVC)
3. Surveillance camera

Other data sheets are available within the file: MB39A108PFT, MB39A108PV2

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