MBI6020 PDF – Constant Current LED Sink Driver

Part Number: MBI6020

Function: PWM-Embedded 3-Channel Constant Current LED Sink Driver

Package: SSOP 16, QFN 16 Pin Type

Manufacturer: Macroblock

Images:MBI6020 pdf pinout


A constant current LED sink driver is a device specifically designed to drive and control the current flowing through Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs). It ensures that a constant and controlled amount of current is supplied to the LEDs, regardless of the variations in the input voltage or the number of LEDs connected.

LEDs are current-driven devices, meaning that their brightness and performance are primarily determined by the amount of current passing through them. To ensure consistent and reliable operation of LEDs, a constant current source or driver is often used.

MBI6020 is a 3-channel, constant current, PWM-embedded LED sink driver for small RGB LED cluster. MBI6020 provides constant current ranging from 5mA to 50mA for each output channel and three output channels are adjustable with three corresponding external resistors. Besides, MBI6020 can support both 3.3V and 5V power systems and sustain 17V at output channels.

 3-channel constant current sink driver for RGB LED clusters  Constant current range 5~50mA  Individual output current adjusted through external resistors  Sustaining voltage at output channels: 17V (max.)  Supply voltage 3V~5.5V  Embedded 16-bit PWM generator – Gray scale clock generated by the embedded oscillator – PWM counter reset function – S-PWM technology  Two selectable gray scale modes – 16-bit gray scale mode (with optional 8-bit dot correction) – 10-bit gray scale mode (with optional 6-bit dot correction)  Reliable data transmission – Daisy-chain topology – Two-wire only transmission interface – Clock reverse – Built-in buffer for long-distance transmission  Flexible operation modes – Auto-synchronization mode – Manual-synchronization mode  Selectable polarity reversion to drive high-power drivers or MOS  RoHS-compliant packages


 Architecture decorative lighting  Mesh display, LED strip  Neon lamp alternative  PWM generator Macroblock, Inc. […]

MBI6020 pinout datasheet

MBI6020 PDF Datasheet