MC1404AU5 Datasheet – 5V, Voltage Reference – Motorola

Part Number: MC1404AU5

Function: Precision Low-Drift Voltage References

Package: DIP 8 Pin Type

Manufacturer: Motorola


MC1404AU5 datasheet pinout


The MC1404AU5 of ICs is a family of temperature-compensated voltage reference for precision data conversion applications, such as A/D, D/A, V/F, and F/V. Avances in laser-trimming and ion-implanted devices, as well as monolithic fabrication techniques, make these devices stable and accurate to 12 bits over both military and commerial temperature ranges. In addition to excellent temperatures stability, these parts offer excellest long-term stability and low noise.


Typical Applications

1. Voltage Reference for 8 – 12 bit D/A converters
2. Low Tc Zener Replacement
3. High Stability Current Reference
4. MPU D/A and A/D applications


MC1404AU5 Datasheet


Other data sheets are available within the file: MC1404AU6, MC1404AU10

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