MC34164 Datasheet PDF – Undervoltage Sensing Circuit

Part Number: MC34164

Function: Micropower Undervoltage Sensing Circuit

Package: TO-92, TSOP-5, SOIC-8 Type

Manufacturer: ON Semiconductor


MC34164 datasheet



The MC34164 series are undervoltage sensing circuits specifically designed for use as reset controllers in portable microprocessor based systems where extended battery life is required. These devices offer the designer an economical solution for low voltage detection with a single external resistor.


• Temperature Compensated Reference

• Monitors 3.0 V (MC34164−3) or 5.0 V (MC34164−5) Power Supplie

• Precise Comparator Thresholds Guaranteed Over Temperature

• Comparator Hysteresis Prevents Erratic Reset

• Reset Output Capable of Sinking in Excess of 6.0 mA

• Internal Clamp Diode for Discharging Delay Capacitor

• Guaranteed Reset Operation With 1.0 V Input

• Extremely Low Standby Current: As Low as 9.0 A

• NCV Prefix for Automotive and Other Applications Requiring Site and Control Changes


MC34164 Datasheet PDF Download

MC34164 pdf

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