MC4016L Datasheet – Programmable Modulo-N Counter – Motorola

Part Number: MC4016L, MC4016

Function: Programmable Modulo-N Counter

Package: DIP 16 Pin Type

Manufacturer: Motorola




The monolithic devices are programmable, cascadable, modulo-N-counters. The MC4016L can be programmed to divide by any number ( N ) from 0 thru 9. The parallel enable ( PE ) input enables the parallel data inputs D0 thru D3. All zeros are entered into the counter by applying a logic “0” level to the master reset ( MR ) and PE inputs. This casuse the counter to stop counting ( count = 0 ). All data inputs are independent of the logic level of the clock.






1. Total Power Dissipation = 250 mW typ/pkg

2. Propagation Delay Time :

(1) Clock to Q3 = 50ns typ

(2) Clock to Bus = 35ns typ


MC4016L Datasheet


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