MC74HC4066 Datasheet – Quad Analog Switch (Mux/Demux)

Part Number: MC74HC4066

Function: Quad Analog Switch / Multiplexer / Demultiplexer

Package: DIP, SO 14 Pin Type

Manufacturer: ON Semiconductor

Image and Pinouts:

MC74HC4066 datasheet


High-Performance Silicon-Gate CMOS

The MC54HC4066 / MC74HC4066 utilizes silicon-gate CMOS technology to achieve fast propagation delays, low ON resistances, and low OFF-channel leakage current. This bilateral switch/multiplexer/demultiplexer controls analog and digital voltages that may vary across the full power-supply range (from VCC to GND).

The 74HC4066 is identical in pinout to the metal-gate CMOS 74MC14016 and MC14066. Each device has four independent switches. The device has been designed so that the ON resistances (RON) are much more linear over input voltage than RON of metal-gate CMOS analog switches.

This device is identical in both function and pinout to the 74HC4016. The ON/OFF control inputs are compatible with standard CMOS outputs; with pullup resistors, they are compatible with LSTTL outputs. For analog switches with voltage-level translators, see the 74HC4316.


1. Fast Switching and Propagation Speeds

2. High ON/OFF Output Voltage Ratio

3. Low Crosstalk Between Switches

4. Diode Protection on All Inputs/Outputs

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MC74HC4066 pdf

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