MCP3008 Datasheet – 2.7V, 8Ch, 10Bit A/D Converter – Microchip

Part Number: MCP3008, MCP3008-I/P

Function: 2.7V, 8-Channel 10-Bit A/D Converters with SPI Serial Interface

Package: PDIP, SOIC 16 Pin Type

Manufacturer: Microchip Technology




The Microchip Technology Inc. MCP3004/3008 devices are successive approximation 10-bit Analog to-Digital (A/D) converters with on-board sample and hold circuitry. The MCP3004 is programmable to provide two pseudo-differential input pairs or four single-ended inputs. The MCP3008 is programmable to provide four pseudo-differential input pairs or eight single-ended inputs.




1. 10-bit resolution
2. ± 1 LSB max DNL
3. ± 1 LSB max INL
4. 4 (MCP3004) or 8 (MCP3008) input channels
5. Analog inputs programmable as single-ended or pseudo-differential pairs
6. On-chip sample and hold
7. SPI serial interface (modes 0,0 and 1,1)
8. Single supply operation: 2.7V – 5.5V
9. 200 ksps max. sampling rate at VDD = 5V
10. 75 ksps max. sampling rate at VDD = 2.7V
11. Low power CMOS technology
12. 5 nA typical standby current, 2 μA max.
13. 500 μA max. active current at 5V


Function Block Diagram



MCP3008 Datasheet

MCP3008 pdf


Other data sheets are available within the file: MCP3004, MCP3004-I/P

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