MCP73841 Datasheet – Linear Charge Management Controller

Part Number: MCP73841

Function: Lithium-Polymer Charge Management Controller

Package: MSOP 10 Pin Type

Manufacturer: Microchip Technology


MCP73841 datasheet



The MCP7384X family of devices are highly advanced linear charge management controllers for use in space-limited, cost-sensitive applications.

The MCP73841 and MCP73842 combine high accuracy, constant-voltage, constant-current regulation, cell preconditioning, cell temperature monitoring, advanced safety timers, automatic charge termination and charge status indication in space-saving, 10-pin MSOP packages. The ICs provide complete, fully-functional, stand-alone charge
management solutions.


• Programmable Charge Current
• Programmable Safety Charge Timers
• Preconditioning of Deeply Depleted Cells
• Automatic End-of-Charge Control


• Personal Data Assistants
• Cellular Telephones
• Hand-Held Instruments
• Cradle Chargers
• Digital Cameras

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MCP73841 pdf

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