MES1206 Datasheet PDF – DC/DC Converter

Part Number: MES1206

Function: MES-Series DC-to-DC Converter

Package: Module Type

Manufacturer: Mobile Electron


MES1206 datasheet



MES1206 is a DC/DC converter which can be used to supply DC output from a commercial power supply (85 to 265 VAC).   Using these module enable simple, easy drive of microcomputers, LEDs, and other electronic components without using a transformer.
It also allows set PCBs to be kept compact and light weight, with extremely few attachments.

It can accommodate the 100VAC~200VAC power supplies used as household power supplies.


1. Small multi-purpose power supply

2. Stand-by power supply aimed at low power consumption when loaded light

3. Insulated-type DC-DC converted


1. Wide Input Range : FREEVOLT (AC 85V ~ 265V)

2. A switching power supply can be made easily by adding simply external circuit

3. Permits reduction of power consumption at low loads(when in stand-by)

4. Able to deal with inputs of worldwide areas

5. Ultra-compact size attained by application of high-density mounting technique

Other data sheets are available within the file: MES-1206

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MES1206 pdf