MH88625 Datasheet PDF – DID/OPS SLIC – MITEL

Part Number: MH88625

Function: DID/OPS Subscriber line interface circuit (SLIC) for on/off premise PBX line cards, DID line cards and central office cards.

Package: 40 Pin SIL Type

Manufacturer: Mitel Networks


MH88625 datasheet



The Mitel MH88625 SLIC provides all of the functions required to interface 2-wire off premise subscriber loops to a serial TDM, PCM, switching network of a modern PBX. The MH88625 is manufactured using thick-film hybrid technology which offers high voltage capability, reliability and high density resulting in significant printed circuit board area savings. A complete line card can be implemented with very few external components.

Block Diagram :



1. Programmable gain, network balance and impedance
2. Transformerless 2-4 wire conversion
3. Constant current with constant voltage fallback for long loop capability
4. Pin compatible with MH88632 and MH88628
5. Unbalance detection (Tip, Ring ground sensing)
6. Auto ring trip
7. On-Hook transmission (ANI) capability
8. Compatible with requirements of CCITT, DOC/FCC and CSA/UL
9. Excellent power dissipation (SIL vertical mounting)
10. 12/16kHz meter pulse injection control
11. Solid State TIP/RING reversals


1. On/Off Premise PBX Line Cards
2. DID (Direct Inward Dial) Line Cards
3. Central Office Line Cards

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MH88625 pdf