MIP2K2 PDF Datasheet – High-Performance IPD – Panasonic

An Intelligent Power Device (IPD) refers to a semiconductor device that integrates power management and control functions into a single chip. IPDs are commonly used in various applications to efficiently manage and control the delivery of power to electronic systems. These devices often combine power switching components (such as transistors) with control circuitry, which can include protection features, voltage regulation, and communication interfaces.

Part Number: MIP2K2

Function: (MIP2Kx) High-Performance IPD

Package: DIP 7 Pin Type

Manufacturer: Panasonic

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MIP2K2, MIP2Kx series is a high-performance IPD designed for 15W battery chargers and featuring built-in frequency jitter function at PWM control. It features built-in protection circuits necessary for compact power source charger circuitry. This allows a significant reduction in externally connected parts. It provides PWM control when a normal load is applied and intermittent control with low load. This results in greater efficiency for very low to maximum loads, while also conserving power during standby.

1. Power Switching: IPDs are capable of handling high voltage and current levels, making them suitable for power distribution and control tasks.

2. Control Circuitry: These devices include built-in control circuits that allow for monitoring and regulation of power parameters, such as voltage and current levels. This control circuitry can often be programmed or configured to adapt to different operating conditions.

3. Protection Features: IPDs often incorporate various protection mechanisms to safeguard against overcurrent, overvoltage, and overheating conditions. These features help prevent damage to the device and the connected components.

Feature :

• Built-in jitter function

• Built-in charge protection circuit

• Built-in overcurrent, overheating, load shorting and overvoltage protection circuits

MIP2K2 pdf pinout


1. Chargers (for DSC, etc.), AC adapter


MIP2K2 PDF Datasheet