ML86410 Datasheet PDF – MPEG4 Encoding LSI

Part Number: ML86410

Function: MPEG4 Encoding LSI

Package:  144-pin plastic LQFP (LQFP144-P-2020-0.50-ZK)

Manufacturer: Oki Electric Industry


ML86410 datasheet



The ML86410 is an LSI that encodes YUV (YCbCr) format digital video signals into MPEG-4-ASP format ones in real time.

The LSI achieves high picture quality bya unique high-speed high-quality motion search method and a unique coding rate control method.   For video input, the LSI supports progressive video output from camera modules and interlaced video output from NTSC/PAL digital video decoders.


1. Supports interlaced images (NTSC/PAL)

2. Unique high-speed high-quality motion search method

3. Unique coding rate control method

4. 4MV motion estimation



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ML86410 pdf

Other data sheets are available within the file: ML-86410