MOC7811 Slotted Couplers / Interrupter Modules – Sensor

Part Number: MOC7811

Function: Slotted Couplers / Interrupter Modules

Package: Case 354A

Manufacturer: Motorola


MOC7811 Slot Sensor Rotation Encoder Sensor


Slotted couplers consist of an infrared emitting diode facing a photodetector in a molded plastic housing. A slot in the housing between the emitter and the detector provides a means of interrupting the signal. A wide selection of standard and custom housings and detector funtions is available.


MOC7811 spec



Motorola offers high performance Infrared Emitters and Detectors for fiber optic systems. Devices are available for systems requiring greater the 100 Mhz analog bandwidth over several kilometer or requiring very low cost with up to 10 Mhz band width over short distances.



MOC7811 pinout datasheet



MOC7811 Datasheet


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