MS-151 Datasheet PDF – Interface RF Connector with Switch

Part Number: MS-151

Function: Interface RF Connector


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MS-151 datasheet



This is Interface RF Connector with Switch, built-in interlock, DC to 3GHz.

Designed for end user applications requiring redirection of transmission from internal built-in antenna to the external antenna. Small size, lightweight and high reliability makes it ideal for use in 2.4 GHz band wireless LAN applications.


1. Confirmation of complete connection

(1) Built-in interlock feature confirms fully mated condition with a “click” sensation.

2. Non-directional connection

(1) The connector can be mated in any position on a 360° axis and can rotate within the same when in
use, allowing routing of the connected cable in any direction.

3. High durability

(1) Guaranteed 5000 insertion/removal cycles.

4. Space-saving

(1) The external dimensions of the board-mounted receptacle (5.0 mm high, 6.5 mm wide, 7.0 mm
deep) makes it ideal for use in small devices.

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