MTK6589 PDF – HSPA+ Smartphone Application Processor

Part Number: MTK6589

Function: HSPA+ Smartphone Application Processor

Package: FCCSP 515 ballsc Type

Manufacturer: MediaTek


MTK6589 pdf datasheet


The MT6589 is a highly integrated baseband platform incorporating both modem and application
processing subsystems to enable 3G smart phone applications. The chip integrates a Quad-core
ARM® Cortex-A7 MPCoreTM operating up to 1.2GHz, an ARM® Cortex-R4 MCU and a powerful multistandard video accelerator. The MT6589 interfaces to NAND flash memory, 32-bit LPDDR2 for
optimal performance and also supports booting from SLC NAND or eMMC to minimize the overall
BOM cost. In addition, an extensive set of interfaces and connectivity peripherals are included to
interface to cameras, touch-screen displays, MMC/SD cards and external Bluetooth, WiLAN and GPS
modules. […]


1. Smartphone two MCU subsystems architecture

2. SLC NAND flash and eMMC bootloader

3. AP MCU subsystem

4. Quad-core ARM Cortex-A7 MPCore operating at 1.2GHz

5. NEON multimedia processing engine with SIMDv2/VFPv4 ISA support

MTK6589 Datasheet