MXC6202 Datasheet PDF – Dual Axis Accelerometer

Part Number: MXC6202

Function: Low Power, Low Profile ±2 gDual Axis Accelerometer with I2C Interface

Package: 5mm X 5mm X 1.55mm LCC Type

Manufacturer: MEMSIC, Inc


MXC6202 datasheet



The MXC6202, MXC6202G, MXC6202H, MXC6202M, Nare low cost, dual axis accelerometers fabricated on a standard, submicron CMOS process. It is a complete sensingsystemwithon-chip mixed signalprocessing and integrated I2C bus, allowing the device to be connected directly to a microprocessor eliminating the need for A/D converters or timing resources.


1. RoHS compliant
2. I2C Slave, FAST (≤400 KHz.) mode interface
3. 1.8V compatible IO
4. Embedded Power up/down and self-test function
5. On-chip temperature sensor available
6. Eight customer defined 7-bit addresses
7. 2.7 V to 3.6 V single supply continuous operation
8. Monolithic CMOS IC
9. Low power consumption: typically <2 mA @ 3.0 V
10. Resolution better than 1 milli-g
11. On chip mixed signal processing


1. Information Appliances – Cell Phones, PDA’s, Computer Peripherals, Mouse, Smart Pens
2. Consumer – LCD Projectors, Pedometers, Blood Pressure Monitor, Digital Cameras
3. Gaming – Joystick/RF Interface/Menu Selection/Tilt Sensing
4. GPS – Electronic Compass Tilt Correction, Dead Reckoning Assist


Other data sheets are available within the file: MXC6202G, MXC6202H, MXC6202M, MXC6202N

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MXC6202 pdf