NCR18650GA Datasheet – 10A, 3300mAh Battery – Panasonic

Part Number: NCR18650GA

Function : 10A, 3300mAh, Lithium ion Rechargeable battery

Dimensions : H : Max. 65.30mm, D : Max. 18 .50mm, d : Max. 9.0mm

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NCR18650GA Battery


The Panasonic-Sanyo GA is a good high-capacity cell when you need up to 10 amps of maximum continuous discharge current. It has a high energy density – 693 Wh/l volumetric and 224 Wh/kg gravimetric. This is a popular choice for electric vehicles.

Battery specifications :

1. Model: NCR18650GA
2. Manufacturer: Panasonic-Sanyo
3. Country of Origin: Japan
4. Chemistry: NCR
5. Max. continuous discharge current: 10A
6. Typical capacity: 3450 mAh
7. Minimum capacity: 3350 mAh
8. Nominal voltage: 3.6 V
9. Charging voltage: 4.20
10. Standard charging current: 1.475 A


NCR18650GA datasheet specifications


NCR18650GA Datasheet

NCR18650GA pdf


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