NJM2888 Datasheet – Low Dropout Voltage Regulator – JRC

Part Number: NJM2888, NJM2888F

Function: Low Dropout Voltage Regulator

Package:  SOT-23-5

Manufacturer: New Japan Radio


voltage regulator


The NJM2888 is a low dropout voltage regulator with ON/OFF control.Advanced Bipolar technology achieves low noise, high ripple rejection and low quiescent current. Small packaging, 1.0µF small decoupling capacitor and built-in noise bypass capacitor less make the NJM2888 suitable for space conscious applications.

Block Diagram

NJM2888 datasheet pinout

1. High Ripple Rejection (75dB typ. (f=1kHz, Vo=3V Version))
2. Low Output Noise Voltage (Vno=45µVrms typ.)
3. Output capacitor with 1.0µF ceramic capacitor (Vo≥2.7V)
4. Output Current (Io(max.)=300mA)
5. High Precision Output (Vo±1.0%)
6. Low Dropout Voltage (0.10V typ. (Io=100mA))
7. ON/OFF Control

Official Homepage: http://www.njr.com/semicon/products/NJM2888.html



NJM2888 Datasheet


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