NT96630BG PDF Datasheet – Hybrid DSC/DV Processor

Part Number: NT96630BG

Function: Hybrid DSC/DV Processor

Package: TFBGA-352 Type

Manufacturer: Novatek


NT96630BG datasheet pdf


NT96630BG, NT96632BG is a high image quality, high performance, and cost effective digital still
camera (DSC) or digital video camera (DV) with excellent digital still image capturing and video
streaming capabilities. It is targeted for the application of VGA to 32M pixel DSC/DV resolutions. It can
be easily adapted to many CCD and CMOS sensor with on chip programmable interface timing
approach. The controller provides sophisticated video processing methods with built-in hardware
acceleration pipeline. This is essential for achieving high performance for per-shot, shot-to-shot, and
continuous shooting pictures. […]


1. High Performance 32-bit CPU

(1) ARM v4 compatible
(2) MPU embedded
(3) 8KB instruction and 8KB data cache
(4) Embedded ICE makes firmware debugging easier

2. Power Management

(1) Firmware configurable operating frequency of each functional block to meet best power budget
(2) CPU operating frequency up to 300MHz, on the fly programmable

3. Integrated Clock Generator

(1) Internal PLL
(2) 12MHz system/USB oscillator
(3) 11.296 / 12.288 MHz oscillator for Digital Audio Interface
(4) 32768Hz RTC oscillator

NT96630BG Datasheet