NUF2221W1T2 Datasheet PDF – USB Upstream Terminator

Part Number: NUF2221W1T2

Function: USB Upstream Terminator with ESD Protection

Package: SC-88 Type

Manufacturer: ON Semiconductor


NUF2221W1T2 datasheet



This NUF2221W1T2 is designed for applications requiring Line Termination, EMI Filtering and ESD Protection. It is intended for use in upstream USB ports, Cellular phones, Wireless equipment and
computer applications. This device offers an integrated solution in a small package (SC−88/SOT−363) reducing PCB space and cost.


• Provides USB Line Termination, Filtering and ESD Protection

• Single IC Offers Cost Savings

• Bi−directional EMI Filtering Prevents Noise from Entering/Leaving the System

• Compliance with IEC61000−4−2 (Level 4)
(1) 25 kV (Contact)
(2) 30 kV (Air)

• Flexible Pull−up Line Termination to Meet USB 1.1 Low Speed and High Speed Specification

Benefits :

1. Component Implementation

2. TVS Devices Provide ESD Protection That is Better than a Discrete Implementation because the Small IC minimizes Parasitic Inductances

NUF2221W1T2 Datasheet PDF Download

NUF2221W1T2 pdf

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