OB2269AP Datasheet – Current Mode PWM Controller – Liteon

Part Number: OB2269AP

Function: Current Mode PWM Controller

Package:  DIP8 Type

Manufacturer: Lite On



OB2268/9 is a highly integrated current mode PWM control IC optimized for high performance, low standby power and cost effective offline flyback converter applications in above 20W power level.
PWM switching frequency at normal operation is externally programmable and trimmed to tight range.
At no load or light load condition, the IC operates in extended ‘burst mode’ to minimize switching loss.
Lower standby power and higher conversion efficiency is thus achieved.
VDD low startup current and low operating current contribute to a reliable power on startup design with
OB2268/9. A large value resistor could thus be used in the startup circuit to minimize the standby power.
The internal slope compensation improves system large signal stability and reduces the possible sub
harmonic oscillation at high PWM duty cycle output. Leading-edge blanking on current sense input
removes the signal glitch due to snubber circuit diode reverse recovery. and greatly reduces the external
component count and system cost in the design.

OB2269AP Datasheet

OB2269AP Datasheet