OKS2C-S12DC12V Datasheet – DC 12V, Relay, 12A, 120VAC

Part Number: OKS2C-S12DC12V

Function: DC 12V, Relay, 12A, 120VAC, 24VDC Power Relay

Package: PCB 5 Pin

Manufacturer: Maluska, Omron, TTI


OKS2C-S12DC12V image


The OKS2C-S12DC12V is DC 12V, 12A, Relay.

This relay is an electromechanical switch that is activated by an electrical signal of 12 volts. It consists of a coil, a set of contacts, and a mechanical mechanism that connects or disconnects the contacts when the coil is energized.

A relay allows a low-power electrical signal, such as from a microcontroller or sensor, to control a much larger current or voltage, such as required to drive a motor or light bulb.

When the 12V signal is applied to the coil of the relay, it creates a magnetic field that pulls the contacts into the closed position. When the signal is removed, the contacts return to their original position. This allows the relay to switch high voltage and high current loads using a low voltage signal.

12V relays are commonly used in automotive and marine applications, as well as in industrial control systems, home automation, and hobbyist projects. They can be used to control lights, motors, fans, solenoids, and other electrical devices that require high current or voltage to operate.

OKS2C-S12DC12V Datasheet

OKS2C-S12DC12V Datasheet

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