OZ960S Datasheet – CCFL Inverter Controller ( PDF )

Part Number: OZ960S

Function: Intelligent CCFL Inverter Controller

Package: SOP 20 Pin type

Manufacturer: O2Micro International

Image and Pinouts:

OZ960S datasheet



The OZ960 is a unique, high-efficiency, Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamp (CCFL) backlight
inverter controller that is designed for wide input voltage inverter applications. Additionally, the
OZ960 performs the lamp dimming function with an analog voltage or low frequency Pulse Width
Modulation (PWM) control.

The OZ960S operates at a single, constant frequency in a phase-shift PWM mode. Intelligent open-lamp and over-voltage protections provide design flexibility so various transformer models / manufacturers may be used.

The built-in burst mode control provides a wide dimming range and simplifies the application circuit designs. Both operating and burst-mode frequencies are user-programmable parameters.


• Supports wide-range voltage input applications (8v to 20v)

• Built-in intelligence to manage ignition and normal operation of CCFLs

• Reduces the number of components and board size by 30% compared with conventional designs

• 85% efficiency vs. typical 70% efficiency of conventional designs

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