OZ9936 PDF – LCD Monitor CCFL Inverter Controller

Part Number: OZ9936

Function: LCD Monitor CCFL Inverter Controller

Package: SOIC, DIP 8 Pin type

Manufacturer: O2Micro

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The patent pending OZ9936 is a cost-effective CCFL (Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamp) Power
Management controller designed for driving CCFLs in Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) applications.

The 0Z9936 provides two drive signals for most power conversion topologies, such as push-pull,
half-bridge, full-bridge or Class-D inverters while maintaining high-efficiency operation. The highly integrated controller provides current and voltage regulation, soft-start operation, over-voltage protection and an external enabling function while maintaining a high-degree of design flexibility. The application requires a minimum number of off-the-shelf components.

1. CCFL Backlighting: In LCD monitors that use CCFLs for backlighting, the CCFLs are positioned behind the LCD panel. When energized, they emit a consistent and uniform white light that passes through the LCD panel to create the display.

2. High-Voltage Generation: The CCFL lamps require a high voltage to start and maintain their operation. The inverter controller generates this high voltage from the lower voltage supplied by the monitor’s power source, typically DC (Direct Current).

3. Brightness Control: The inverter controller also provides a means to control the brightness of the CCFL lamps. This is important because different applications or lighting conditions may require varying levels of screen brightness. The controller can adjust the output voltage to the CCFLs to achieve the desired brightness level.



OZ9936 pinout datasheet


• Built-in intelligence to ignite positive impedance CCFLs

• Low cost LCD monitor inverter solution

• Constant operating frequency

• Built-in intelligence for ignition and normal operation of CCFLs

• Built-in open-lamp protection and over-voltage protection

• Optimized soft-start function

• Supports both analog and external PWM dimming control

Block Diagram
OZ9936 datasheet

Other data sheets are available within the file:

OZ9936G, OZ9936GN, OZ9936D, OZ9936GDN, 0Z9936G, 0Z9936GN, 0Z9936D, 0Z9936GDN

OZ9936 PDF Datasheet