OZ9966 PDF Datasheet – High Performance LCD TV Controller

This post explains for the semiconductor OZ9966.

The Part Number is OZ9966, 0Z9966.

The function of this semiconductor is High Performance LCD TV Controller.

The package is 24 Pin Type

Manufacturer: O2Micro

Image and pinouts :

OZ9966 datasheet pinout


The OZ9966 is a high performance controller designed for large-size LCDTV applications requiring multiple lamps. It achieves a high eff ciency power conversion with minimal switching loss using a full-bridge N-Channel MOSFETtopology. The OZ9966 is ideal for single-side drive or differential drive applications.

0Z9966 allows selection of the Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) dimming polarity, and provides two dedicated pins for analog and PWM dimming control.


1. Full-bridge or dual-forward topology
2. Integrated high side N-MOSFETdriver
3. High drive capability and System synchronization
4. Dedicated pins forAnalog and LPWM dimming
5. Selectable PWM dimming polarity
6. Constant operating frequency
7. Built-in intelligence to manage lamp ignition and normal operation
8. Open-lamp, over-voltage, over-current, and under-voltage lockout protection
9. User-def ned striking and shutdown delay timers
10. Soft start function



OZ9966 Datasheet