PC356NT Datasheet PDF – Vceo=80V, Photocoupler

Part Number: PC356NT

Function: High Collector-emitter Voltage Type Photocoupler

Package: Mini-flat 4 Pin Type

Manufacturer: Sharp Electronics

Image and Pinouts:
PC356NT datasheet


This is High Collector-emitter Voltage Type Photocoupler.


1. High collector-emitter voltage
(PC358 : VCEO = 120V,  PC356NT : VCEO = 80V)

2. Opaque type, mini-flat package : PC358NT/PC358 (1-channel)

3. Subminiature type
(The volume is smaller than that of our conventional DIP type by as far as 30%.)

4. Isolation voltage between input and output : PC356NT/PC358 : Viso = 3750Vrms

5. Recognized by UL (No. E64380)


1. Hybrid substrates that require high density mounting
2. Programmable controllers

Other data sheets are available within the file: PC356, PC358

PC356NT Datasheet PDF Download

PC356NT pdf

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