PCF1252-X Datasheet – Threshold Detector and Reset Generator

Part Number: PCF1252-X

Function: Threshold detector and reset generator

Package: DIP 8, SO 8 Pin type

Manufacturer: Philips Electronics ( https://www.nxp.com/ )


PCF1252-X datasheet



The PCF1252-X are low-power CMOS voltage threshold detectors designed especially for supervision of microcontroller/microprocessor systems for detection of power-on/off conditions and generation of a system reset pulse. The PCF1252-X also provides aPOWF (power fail) output which is activated at a precise factory-programmed trip point. A system RESET output has a built-in delay with duration determined by an external capacitor (CCT).
A second comparator (comparator 2) has been included to enable the possibility of a second monitoring point in the system.


1. Very low current consumption, typically 10 µA
2. 10 factory programmed threshold voltages available covering trip voltages from 4.75 to 2.55 V
3. ±50 mV trip point accuracy over full temperature range
4. Variable RESET delay
5. RESET pulse polarity selection
6. Defined outputs at 0.6 V (typ.)
7. Comparator for second level detection (e.g. overvoltage detection)
8. Advance warning of power fail


PCF1252-X Datasheet PDF Download

PCF1252-X pdf

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