PCF2116 Datasheet – LCD Controller / Driver ( PDF )

Part Number: PCF2116

Function: LCD Controller / Driver

Package: LQFP128 Type

Manufacturer: Philips Electronics ( https://www.nxp.com/ )


PCF2116 datasheet



The PCF2116 family of LCD controller/drivers consists of the PCF2116x, the PCF2114x and the PCF2116K. The term ‘PCF2116’ is used to refer to all devices for common information. Specific information is given in separate paragraphs.

The ‘x’ in ‘PCF2116x’ and ‘PCF2114x’ represents a specific letter code for a character set in the character generator ROM (CGROM). The different character sets currently available are specified by the letters A, C, and G (see Figs 8 to 10). Other character sets are available on

The PCF2116 is a low-power CMOS LCD controller anddriver, designed to drive a split screen dot matrix LCDdisplay of 1 or 2 lines by 24 characters or 2 or 4 lines by12 characters with 5×8 dot format. All necessaryfunctions for the display are provided in a single chip,including on-chip generation of LCD bias voltages,resulting in a minimum of external components and lowersystem power consumption. The chip contains a charactergenerator and displays alphanumeric and kana(Japanese) characters.



1. Single chip LCD controller/driver
2. 1 or 2-line display of up to 24 characters per line, or 2 or 4 lines of up to 12 characters per line
3. 5 × 7 character format plus cursor
4. Display data RAM: 80 characters
5. Character generator ROM: 240 characters
6. Character generator RAM: 16 characters
7. 4 or 8-bit parallel bus or 2-wire I2C-bus interface
8. CMOS/TTL compatible
9. 32 row, 60 column outputs


Other data sheets are available within the file:

PCF2114, PCF2114AU, PCF2114xU/10,  PCF2114xU/12, PCF-2116

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