PCF7991AT Datasheet – Advanced Basestation IC – Philips

Part Number: PCF7991AT

Function: Advanced Basesation IC

Package: Small  (SO14) Type

Manufacturer: Philips Electronics ( https://www.nxp.com/ )

PCF7991AT Pinouts


The PCF7991 is a highly integrated and powerful advanced basestation IC, ABIC, ideally suited for vehicle immobilisation applications. The device incorporates all necessary functions to facilitate reading and writing of transponders.

The device is intended for use with the Philips transponder family (PCF79xx) as well as other transponder types operating at 125 kHz and employing ASK, Amplitude Shift Keying

for write and AM/PM for the read operation. The receiver characteristics (amplifier gain, filter cutoff frequencies) can be optimized to system and transponder requirements. The PCF7991AT IC is designed for easy integration into immobilizer read/write and read-only systems featuring a high degree of integration and very low external component count. The device integrates a powerful antenna driver/modulator, a low-noise adaptive sampling time demodulator, programmable filters/amplifier and digitizer, required to design high-performance basestations. A three wire microcontroller interface is provided for programming the PCF7991AT as well as for the bidirectional communication with the transponder. The three-wire interface can be configured for two wire operation by connecting the data input and the data output.

PCF7991AT Datasheet


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PCF7991AT pdf

Other data sheets are available within the file: PCF7991AT, PCF7991AT/1081