PCN21A-SA-G Datasheet – 2mm Metric Connector – Hirose

Part Number: PCN21A-SA-G

Function: 2mm Hard Metric Connector

Package: Module Type

Manufacturer: Hirose Electric


PCN21A-SA-G datasheet



The PCN21A-SA-G is Hirose, 2mm Metric Connector.


1. IEC compliant
This 2 mm Hard Metric (HM) Connector complies with IEC 61076-4-101. As specified by IEC Standards, 3 types are available: Style A (110 contacts), Style B (125 contacts), Style C (55 contacts) and Style M.

2. Many Variations
Products equivalent to Compact PCI standard P2/J2 (110 contacts), P3/J3 (95 contacts) and AB Type (125 contacts) are available.

3. Press-fit connection
Connectors of this series, headers and receptacles, are designed for press fit connection.

4. Both-side, two-point contact
Receptacles feature two-point contact design for high reliability.

5. 3-Stage Sequence Supported
There are 3 types of coupling portion contact lengths for the header which permits a 3-stage sequence.

6. Coding Keys Can Be Mounted
Coding keys can be attached to style A for the purpose of preventing incorrect insertion of the connector

Ordering Information

PCN21A-SA-G connector


1. Switchboards, transmission systems, Celluler base stations

2. Industrial computer boards, measuring instruments, control equipment.

Other data sheets are available within the file: PCN21, PCN21-110PA-2C1, PCN21-125PB-2C1, PCN21-P-CK

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