PD2601 Datasheet – AC Solid State Relay, DIP 4 ( PDF )

Part Number: PD2601

Function: AC Solid State Relay

Package: DIP 4 Pin Type


Image and Pinouts:

PD2601 datasheet



The PD2601 is an AC Solid State Switch using optical coupling with dual power SCR outputs to produce an alternative to optocoupler and Triac circuits. The PD2601 switches are robust enough to provide a blocking voltage of up to 600VP and max surge current rating of 20A. In addition, tightly controlled zero-cross circuitry ensures switching of AC loads without the generation of transients.


• Load Current up to 1A rms
• Blocking Voltages up to 600VP
• 3750V rms Input to Output Isolation
• 5mA Sensitivity
• Zero-Crossing Detection
• DC Control, AC Output
• TTL and CMOS Compatible
• Low EMI and RFI Generation
• High Noise Immunity
• VDE compatible
• Machine Insertable, Wave Solderable


• Programmable Control
• Process Control
• Power Control Panels
• Remote Switching
• Gas Pump Electronics

Other data sheets are available within the file: PD-2601


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