PDU14F Datasheet – 4-bit digitally programmable delay line

Part Number: PDU14F

Function: 4-BIT programmable delay line

Package: DIP 14 Pin Type

Manufacturer: Data Delay Devices


PDU14F datasheet


The PDU14F-series device is a 4-bit digitally programmable delay line.IN Delay Line InputThe delay, TDA, from the input pin (IN) to the output pins (OUT, OUT/)depends on the address code (A3-A0) according to the following formula:OUT Non-inverted OutputOUT/ Inverted OutputA0-A3 Address BitsTDA = TD0 + TINC * AEN/ Output EnableVCC +5 Voltswhere A is the address code.


– Digitally programmable in 16 delay steps

– Monotonic delay-versus-address variation

* Two separate outputs: inverting & non-inverting

* Precise and stable delays

* Input & outputs fully TTL interfaced & buffered 10 T2L fan-out capability


* Auto-insertable

Other data sheets are available within the file:

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