PHPT610035NK Datasheet PDF – NPN/NPN Double Transistor

Part Number: PHPT610035NK

Function: NPN/NPN high power double bipolar transistor

Package: SOT1205 Type

Manufacturer: NXP Semiconductors.

PHPT610035NK datasheet


NPN/NPN high power double bipolar transistor in a SOT1205 (LFPAK56D) Surface-Mounted Device(SMD) power plastic package. Matched version of PHPT610030NK.

(1) PNP/PNP complement : PHPT610035PK.

(2) NPN/PNP complement : PHPT610035NPK.



1. Current gain matching 5%

2. High thermal power dissipation capability

3. Suitable for high temperature applications up to 175 °C

4. Reduced Printed-Circuit Board (PCB) requirements comparing to transistors in DPAK

5. High energy efficiency due to less heat generation

6. AEC-Q101 qualified


1. Current mirror

2. Motor control

3. Power management

4. Backlighting applications

5. Relay replacement

6. Differential amplifiers


PHPT610035NK Datasheet PDF Download

PHPT610035NK pdf

Other data sheets are available within the file: 10035NK, PHPT610035