PM8941 Datasheet PDF – Power Management IC – Qualcomm

Part Number: PM8941

Function: Power Management IC.

(  found in the Samsung SHV-E330S, Samsung Galaxy Note 3 N9000 Sony L39h )

Manufacturer: Qualcomm

Image :PM8941 image


This is PMIC for Peripheral LDOs, Boost Regulators.

The PM8941 device integrates all wireless handset power management, general housekeeping, and user interface support functions into a single mixed-signal IC. Its versatile design is suitable for multimode, multiband phones, and other wireless products such as data cards and PDAs.

The device mixed-signal HV-CMOS device is available in the 176-pad nanoscale package (NSP) that includes several ground pads for improved electrical ground, mechanical stability, and thermal continuity.



1. Pulse width modulator (PWM) for dimming control of external WLED IC driver

2. Home row LED driver

3. Plug-and-play support

4. Programmable reset control

PM8941 Datasheet

PM8916 Datasheet

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